What We Do

From after school clubs to presentations at local schools, The Geek Foundation aims to spark new interest in coding.

We are partnering with Girls Who Code to bring free computer science opportunities to girls across our community.

Girls Who Code Clubs are FREE after-school programs for 3rd-5th or 6th-12th grade girls to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models and use computer science to change the world. Clubs are led by Facilitators, who can be teachers, computer scientists, librarians, parents, or volunteers from any background or field. Many Facilitators have NO technical experience and learn to code alongside their Club members.

  • 6th-12th grade Clubs program: Here’s an overview of the Clubs curriculum that focuses on a Girls Who Code Project where girls work in teams to solve a real world problem they care about through code. 
  • 3rd-5th grade Clubs program: The fun and engaging curriculum is a book club model where students learn from Girls Who Code’s best-selling book Learn to Code and Change the World and participate in interactive activities that can be run completely offline with optional online activities.

Are you interested in starting a Girls Who Code club at your child's school or at a school where you work?
Email Us for Info

We love to help you and your community learn more about coding. If you're looking for a speaker or volunteer for any coding-related activities you're organizing, give us a shout at info@thegeekfoundation.org!

We have experience speaking and facilitating at various local events such as:

  • Annual Girls CS Luncheons in Bolivar and Springfield
  • CSI Springfield
  • Hour of Code activities at various schools in the Ozarks

    Reach out today if you have any idea that you'd like to see come to life.

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