It’s no secret that video games sometimes come with a bad reputation – and while not all gaming is equal, studies are exploring the benefits of playing video games. Within the world of gaming, there is also an incredible opportunity to turn a hobby into a career in video game development. The very games we love to play can be a springboard for our future careers if we want to explore the field.

Video game development careers:

There are many career options within the world of gaming – from animators to programmers, testers to technical writers, audio engineering to technical support. The path to creating a video game takes a whole team of talented, creative, tech-minded people.

Our video game development course teaches the basics of video game development using a program called Unity. More than half of the video games created right now are made with this program, so our training will prepare you for a future career in a growing field. Learn more about our video game development course on our website, and reach out for more information if you’re interested in enrolling.