Tech careers should be for everyone

Tech Careers Offer:

Growth Potential


Higher Salaries

Wide-Ranging Opportunities

Yet, the industry needs to change.


are Women


are Black


are Hispanic

This is what we’re trying to solve.

High-paying positions are found in nearly every industry across the country – not just big tech firms in Silicon Valley. The field is expected to grow by 13% by 2030.

  • That’s 667,600 new jobs.*

We want to see more women and people of color hired for those jobs.

Making tech careers accessible benefits everyone.

For people who have faced barriers in the past, a quick start to a career in tech creates a pathway to life change. A fulfilling, high-paying job allows people to live the kind of life they deserve to live.

For the tech industry, diversity is linked with innovation and business performance. If we want new ideas and forward-thinking solutions, we need more people at the table. Gender-diverse and inclusive teams outperform non-diverse teams by 50% on average.*

The need for this new talent is great. Right now, only 8% of STEM-related graduates study computing, even though computing careers make up 2/3 of the jobs available in STEM fields. It’s a challenge to fill careers when 75% of U.S. schools don’t even offer computer science courses.

We have to change the face of tech.

By removing barriers that exist for women and people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, we can see progress. That’s where The Geek Foundation comes in.

We seek opportunities for more people to access a high-quality, flexible tech education so they can launch a new career – impacting their own lives and the future of tech.

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