Everyone’s a geek about something

Hi, We’re Geeks!

And we’re proud of it. Geeks are just people who are passionate about something and want to share it with others. One of our passions is helping people overcome barriers to create a new path forward with a career in tech.

Our team is made up of innovators, creative thinkers and people who geek out over seeing others fulfill their dreams. Our team members contribute to our forward-thinking, friendly culture.

At The Geek Foundation, we want to see more people find a passion for computer science and tech fields, regardless of their gender, race or any other classification. Keep reading to learn more about our team and our supporters.

Our Board

Maranda Provance

Co-Founder and
President of the Board

Mike Stief

Senior Software Engineering Director, Jack Henry & Associates

Shawn Hayden

Project Coordinator, CoxHealth

Tim Goree

Owner of Baton Pass

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all talented professionals who work in the tech industry. They have the unique ability to adapt textbook education to meet real-world scenarios. Through their hands-on, daily work, they see the changes in the industry and bring that expertise to our students. Their passion for seeing positive change in the industry is shown through the evenings they spend with our students.

Our Partners