Who We Are

The Geek Foundation seeks to bring more people into the technology fields by offering hands-on, project-based courses to the Springfield, Missouri community. We aim to expand the image of a "geek" to include anyone who has a passion for computer science, regardless of race, gender, or any other broad classification. Develop yourself with The Geek Foundation.

The Geek Foundation is a non-­profit organization that provides interactive education to future engineers, techies, and makers—especially women, at-­risk youth, and the underemployed—regardless of their ability to pay. We strive to teach the skill sets needed to obtain employment in these fields and help develop pre­-employment skills such as building resumés and portfolios as well as preparing for job fairs.

About Our Team

  • Krista Peryer Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer
  • Maranda Provance Director of Engineering at Mostly Serious
  • Shannon McMurtrey Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at Drury University
  • Morgan McCaughey Strategic Marketing Director at Formm
  • Spencer Harris Director of Operations at Mostly Serious
  • Jordan Griffin Quality Advocate at Asynchrony Labs
  • Sarah Evans Sharepoint Project Administrator at Storee Construction

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