Who We Are

"Geek" noun:
A person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity.

The Geek Foundation aims to expand the image of a "geek" to include anyone who has an interest in computer science and tech—regardless of race, gender, or any other broad classification—by offering hands-on, project-based classes to the Springfield, Missouri community.

The Geek Foundation is a women-led nonprofit providing free, interactive education to train, inspire, and support the future of a diverse and inclusive tech workforce.

About Our Team

  • Krista Peryer Freelance Writer and Designer
  • Maranda Provance Director of Engineering at Mostly Serious
  • Mike Stief Senior Software Engineering Director at Jack Henry & Associates
  • Mike Hylton High School Language Arts Educator
  • Kevin Waterland General Manager and Co-Owner at Pitt Technology Group
  • Amanda McCafferty Tax Supervisor at KPM
  • Kate Millington Attorney at Millington, Glass & Love
  • Shawn Hayden Project Coordinator at CoxHealth

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